APL Keyboard Keyfront Sticker Kit


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  • Color-coded/Ivory
    - 223-312-0132 - 0.2 lb - $14.95

This APL Keyfront Kit is designed for applications in which a standard PC keyboard isbeing used while programming in APL (a programming language). It allows you to place the programming symbols used in APL on the appropriate corresponding keys without obscuring the key's original legends.This kit contains 100 Keyfronts imprinted in red, blue, green and black on opaque ivory bases. The colors indicate what corresponding key must be used to achieve the function, i.e. CTRL (Blue); ALT(Red); Shift (Green); no other key needed (Black).Hooleon's APL Keyfronts support both STSC APL and IBM APL software.
223-312-0132 ov-0132
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APL Keyboard Keyfront Sticker Kit

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