Dvorak Heavy Duty Key Keyboard

Dvorak Heavy Duty Key Keyboard


Dvorak Keyboard Heavy Duty Membrane keyboard easily switchable from "Left Handed" to "Right Handed" or other layouts. This keyboard is designed so all key row heights are the same. This allows you to switch the keys around and the key height of each key will remain the same. Nice feature in the event you want to change the layout of certain keys, or you can even return the keyboard back to standard Qwerty or alternate Dvorak layout.

This Dvorak keyboard uses the layouts built into your Windows computer. You can easily switch the windows keyboard layout by changing the language settings to Dvorak.

This keyboard can also work with remapping software. Note that it is not a "hardwired" keyboard ("hardwired" means the Dvorak layout is built into the keyboard during manufacturing).

353-385-0110-u kb-0110