Braille Keyboard for the Blind and Visually Impaired


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  • Braille PS2 Keyboard
    - 353-385-0164 - 3.5 lb - $99.95
  • Braille USB Keyboard
    - 353-385-0164-U - 3.5 lb - $99.95

Convert existing computers for use by the visually impaired. Enables those losing their sight to learn Braille. This keyboard is ready to plug in, with Braille labels already installed. The Braille legends are embossed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The clear backing allows the legends to show through for sighted users.

The perfect solution for the visually impaired in the computer age comes in Hooleon's Braille-ready computer keyboard. This 104-key keyboard assists the visually impaired keyboard operator by providing the raised braille equivalents for the legends of all 101 keys.

Specifications: Works with all IBM compatible computers. Enhanced 104 J-Enter key layout. High quality membrane switch. Three Windows keys. Keys withstand over 30 million keystrokes. Ergonomic technology. One year warranty.

Installation: The cable comes with either a PS2 or USB connector that connects directly into your existing IBM or look-a-like computers. No special software needed.

351-385-0164 351-385-0164-u kb-0164 0164 0164-u
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Braille Keyboard for the Blind and Visually Impaired


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British Braille?

Please can you tell me if the braille alphabet is the same in America as in Britain. We need to confirm this before ordering any stickers or a key board. Thanks!

Posted by LT from GB on December 08, 2010

Our Hooleon Braille is based on the American Literary layout. It does not have British Braille special symbols or the new yet unimplemented Universal English Braille standard being proposed. These issues are currently being decided by the different countries Braille Associations.

Posted by Hooleon Customer Service on December 08, 2010

Is the Braille achieved on the keyboard using clear Braille stickers placed on top of the keys, or is the Braille actually molded as part of the individual keys? Thanks for your help!

Posted by Brad on February 07, 2011

The braille keyboard we offer on our site is a basic keyboard with braille labels already installed on the keys.

Posted by Hooleon on February 09, 2011

Hi! Nice site ….)

Posted by Emobrebed on March 04, 2011

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