Making Computer Keyboard Layouts

 Laying Out Your Key Top Printing 

When you request a rough art kit, you will be provided with a brief questionnaire plus a sheet bearing the outlines of a number of key tops and key fronts (see representation below). Please fill out the questionnaire completely and return it along with your rough art work. Please refer to the drawings on this page for an example of how we would like you to complete the rough art kit key outlines. 




Remember: The more understandable and accurate your initial art is, the faster we can complete the job artwork and begin production. For example, What imprint legends do you want? What front imprints do you want? Include imprint color. What color is the imprint legend? 

In order to provide you with an exact quotation, we need to know: 

Your specific keyboard brand and model—Describing the “style” of keyboard you have is not enough. While keyboards often look alike (for instance, emulating the IBM 101-key style shown above) the size, shape and way the key affixes to the switch mechanism varies significantly from keyboard to keyboard. 

Include the number of keys on the keyboard(including the spacebar). A clear, easy-to-understand representation of the keytop and keyfront imprints required. If reproduction of a logo or a complex or unusual symbol is needed, please provide an enlarged, black-on-white copy of the logo/symbol. 

A description of where the keys to be replaced are located on the keyboard, including their original legends. If the keyboard is a 101-key keyboard as depicted above, use the alphabetic row designation shown above along with the key’s original legend to describe its location. 

What key colors are needed? If non-standard custom colors are needed, refer to a Pantone® color chart whenever possible. 

What print colors are desired for each legend? The proposed location for the printed legends on each key. For instance, do you want them centered right to left and top and bottom? Or do you want letters and words flush left and in the upper left hand comer, etc. 

Provide a sample of the existing keytop legends for font (print style) matching purposes. If a different or “special” font is desired, please provide samples. 

Specify your desired delivery requirements. 

Specify the number of sets you will be ordering. 

Be sure to contact your representative for current delivery schedules.