With these Touchdown™ Key-tops, you can create your own adhesive key-top labels to put the commands you need on the keys of your computer keyboard.


These kits allows you to put new legends on your key-tops and key-fronts so you can color-code and rename the keys. Complete directions are included in each kit.

  • "Do-It-Yourself" labels allow you to redefine the legend on your keys.
  • High-tack adhesive won't slip or slide on keys.
  • Removal of labels won't damage keyboards.

Available DIY Key-top Kits

We have a couple of products to color-code your keyboards, one of which should work for you. Directions are included with each kit.

-If you want to keep the original legend showing through from the key-top, we have a (transparent) Rainbow Label kit, part# OV-0648. These are transparent color-coding labels; pastel, not bright colors.

-If you want to block out the original legend and cover it with a blank colored label, you would use this brightly colored Opaque Label Kit, part# OV-0724.
These colored labels are opaque with bright, not pastel colors (11 labels of red, 11 green, 11 blue, 11 yellow).

Design your keyboard to look the way you want it to look with the Hooleon "Do-It-Yourself" Label Kit. This high-quality, low-cost kit will let you redefine your keyboard legend to fit your needs. You can customize up to 105 key-tops and 20 key-fronts.

Kit includes labels in red, blue, green, yellow, ivory, gray (ivory and gray for key-tops only) and even transparent. A sheet of 8 1/2 X 11" laser film is included for creating your own legends.
Complete instructions on how to customize your keyboard are included with each kit.

Need additional parts to add to your basic kit?

Add more sheets of the high temperature adhesive backed laser film: Package of 3 more sheets with alcohol wipes, Part# OV-0050.

Add more sheets of transparent die cut label tops (or bases): Transparent Label kit. Part# OV-0675

Add more 1X size blank colored labels: Opaque Label Kit. Part# OV-0724

Add transparent pastel color-coded 1X size key-tops: Rainbow Kit, Part# OV-0648

Add ivory blank key-top labels (covers all the different size keys as well as 1X): Ivory Blank Out Kit Part# OV-0701

How to Build your own Keytop Labels:

Using the laser film provided, create the legends you need. The laser film will also accept typewritten copy as well as laser printers. To be sure the legends will fit within the space of the keytop labels, we recommend printing on plain paper until you are sure your legends will fit properly.

Once the legends are printed on the laser film, cut them out, remove the backing paper and affix them to the label base. Make sure the laser film does not extend past the surface of the label base. Remember, if using the transparent label bases, position the new legend so it won’t interfere with the original key legend.

To finish, place a transparent die cut label top over the newly created label. It is important to align this label top exactly for durability.