Custom Overlay Stickers

Hooleon's custom keytop and keyfront labels provide a high-quality, low-cost substitute for custom-imprinted keys. These labels are excellent for training users in new software, simplifying common-use terminals (such as point-of-sale), or just boosting productivity. These labels can be customized in a number of different text and background colors (including custom color matching) and with hundreds of fonts and sizes. We can even reproduce logos or other special symbols right onto the label. Die-cut printing ensures that the labels will fit and underside imprinting will keep the legend visible as long as you have the label. visit our Blog Article on How Computer Key Top Sticker Overlays Are Made.


  • Custom Labels provide an inexpensive way for you to simplify your computing tasks.
  • High-tack adhesive keeps labels from slipping or sliding off your keyboard.
  • Can be removed without damaging your keyboard.


To help fill your order Sales Representatives are going to need the following:

  • Key color information.
  • Print colors for each legend.
  • The proposed location for the printed legends on each key.
  • A clear representation of any logo or special symbol.
  • A sample of the keyboard you wish to customize.
  • Location of keys to be replaced on the keyboard, including original legend.
  • Delivery Requirements.
  • Number of sets being ordered.

We can also supply and modify the items below to your needs:

  • Point of Sale (POS) keyboards
  • Programmable Keyboards
  • Glow in the dark key-top sticker labels (available on special order).
  • Removable Flexible keyboard covers with custom print your type underneath. Simply lay the protection covers on top of the keyboard and your special commands show on the keytops. Remove it and you have a standard keyboard again. This allows changing of key legends for different program applications.
  • Key lockout devices to immobilize keys you don't want pushed.

Contact us for any of your keyboard needs and a helpful person will discuss options that will assist you in coming up with a solution.