Custom Keys & Keysets

You can get exactly the keyboard you want with Hooleon's Custom Key Imprinting Service. Each key can have its own color and its own top and front legend allowing you thousands of options to fit your needs. Our professional graphics department can reproduce any logo or special character and even custom color-match your keys. We can provide you with keys or you supply yours and we will imprint them. We can even provide entire keyboards and customize them to your specifications. 

Learn how plastic injection molding machines create keys


  • Custom Keys improve productivity and reduce training costs.
  • You can get exactly the key you need with thousands of options available.
  • Perfect for common usage terminals, such as libraries.


To help fill your order Sales Representatives are going to need the following:

  • Key color information.
  • Print colors for each legend.
  • The proposed location for the printed legends on each key.
  • A clear representation of any logo or special symbol.
  • A sample of the keyboard you wish to customize.
  • Location of keys to be replaced on the keyboard, including original legend.
  • Delivery Requirements.
  • Number of sets being ordered.

Contact us for any of your keyboard needs and a helpful person will discuss options that will assist you in coming up with a solution.