Cookie use

Hooleon's Shopping Cart uses cookies, which have been used controversially by some Web sites to obtain marketing information without the visitor’s knowledge. The shopping cart uses cookies only so that your shopping cart can be remembered between visits, of up to five weeks apart (this allows you to partly finish an order, leave and come back up to five weeks later and not have to re-enter information again).

No other information is used in the cookie for any purpose for anyone. Customers and Web site administrators may verify this with any of the popular ‘cookie administration’ programs currently available on the market.

Under no circumstance can a cookie load or execute a virus on your system, nor can it read and send files or data through the Internet.

You must have cookies enabled on your browser to use our cart. If you attempt to use the cart without cookies enabled, a variety of strange activities could ensue. It is likely you will be unable to check out if you are not using a cookie-enabled browser.