Braille Information & Links

We offer products that help those losing their vision through the use and learning of Braille on their keyboards while they still have some vision. These also help employers meet the reasonable accommodation requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Hooleon offers two solution that can help you. The first solution is complete Braille-ready Keyboards. Keyboards are ready to plug in, labels are already installed. Works with all IBM compatible Computers.

The second solution is the inexpensive Braille Sticker Labels that you apply on the top of your keyboard keys. The Stickers come in transparent embossed Braille that allows both blind and sighted users access to the keyboard. The Stickers come in Braille with Large Print also. The large print doubles the size of a keyboard's labeling for those with failing vision or use in low-light environments.
Many combination and colors are available.

Below are Links and Helpful information on Braille and Low Vision keyboard needs.

AFB - American Foundation for the Blind
ASB - Associated Services for the Blind Visually Impaired.
Lighthouse International - Vision and rehabilitation services.
American Council of the Blind For Parents And Teachers
Blind Net - General information as well as links
Low Vision Center for the Partially Sighted
All About Low Vision
Braille Institute
Blindness Resources