About Us

Hooleon had its beginning in Arizona’s beautiful Verde Valley in the red rock country of north central Arizona. Created as a cottage industry by its founders Bob and Joan Crozier, the company headquarters are in Arizona. Production facilities are located in east central New Mexico at Melrose, 25 miles from the Texas border. It is a woman-owned and operated small business. 

In 1982, Hooleon responded to the small keys on the IBM "Model M" keyboard by producing molded plastic Keytop Expanders. 

In 1985, Hooleon created an imprinted “plastic chip” called Touchdown Keytop Overlays. These printed overlays had a high-tack adhesive on the bottom that when applied to the top of the key, changed the printed legends on the keys. This solution is still being used today and known in the market place as Keyboard Stickers.

Come 1987, Hooleon approached The American Federation for the Blind to understand what Braille letters went on which keys. They were the first people who helped with these Overlays were Blind and sight impaired, and thus, the Braille Overlay Stickers were created. Next in assistive products to help those with poor vision were Large Print Overlays.

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