Touchdown Key Overlay Stickers redefine the tops of your present keys for compatibility with your software programs. Overlays put the commands on the top of the keys, allowing you to immediately recognize the function of each key. Results: An improvement in both speed and efficiency.

As one customer relates:

The overlays were fantastic. They helped reduce our training to one session. After the session, all the users, many of whom had never worked on a computer before, were comfortable.

Whatever your business or profession, Hooleon has a product to ease computer keyboard use. provide simple solutions to the some­times not-so-simple task of maintaining operator accuracy and efficiency in adapting to changing software programs or different keyboards.

Custom Keytop and Keyfront Labels

These labels have proven their usefulness in applications ranging from industrial, airline, military, government, law enforcement environments, law offices, health and banking, and financial institutions.

Here is the high quality low-cost substitute for custom imprinted replacement keys when you need to redefine the functions of individual keys on your computer keyboard, switches, membranes, tablets or any electronic keying device.

Touchdown Key top and Key front Labels are an ex­cellent training aid for users learning new software, and even help the experienced keyboard user boost their productivity. They provide an excellent method to color code and redefine keyboards for Point of Sale applications. They simplify even the most complicated software. We can support any key style, keyboard or application.

These Keytop and Keyfront Labels are an excellent training aid for users learning new software, and even help the experienced keyboard user boost their productivity.  If we don’t have the appropriate tooling available - we will create it at little or no cost. We have the capability to meet scientific and special symbols and language characters your requirements.

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