In 1985 Hooleon created Touchdown™ KeyTop Sticker Decals as an inexpensive alternative to imprinting keys.

* Hard rigid plastic sheets are punched out on this Die Cutter Machine

Overlay Sticker Die Cutting Press

It requires a 50 Ton Hi Precision Press to cut through the tough eye glass like material Hooleon makes their Overlay Stickers from. The cutter must punch through the top tough material but stop before cutting into the adhesive at the bottom.  Keytops and Keyfronts are manufactured from this high quality semi rigid polycarbonate material that has a hardness factor which exceeds that of the original key.

These sticker labels won’t fall out all over the floor. We use this expensive kisscut  process that allows the self-adhesive backing sheet to remain intact - leaving the labels on the backing sheet ready to be peeled off one at a time. This process also allows us to use a super thick industrial adhesive, up to four times the thickness of cheap stickers.

Sticker Die Press Workers

    * Stickers are made from hard plastic like eyeglass lens material. Imprinted on the underside to prevent wear. The back side is coated with a very sticky semi-permanent adhesive. This high-performance adhesive is used to keep the Keytops in place indefinitely, without slipping or sliding.


    * Overlay Sticker Installation. Stickers being applied to the keys

The Stickers are pealed from the adhesive carrier sheet, separated and applied onto their respective key tops. Small print below each Sticker tells where it goes on the keyboard.  Imprinting is done on the underside of the Keytop to prevent wear. Die-cut to fit exactly. A special high-performance adhesive is used to keep the Keytops in place.



Overlays put the commands on the top of the keys, allowing you to immediately recognize the function of each key. They won’t slip or slide and can be removed without risk of damaging your keyboard. The imprinting is on the underside of the label to prevent keystroke wear. They provide an excellent method to color code and redefine keyboards.