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Customized Keyboards feature a wide variety of choices in enclosure size, shape and materials, as well as the addition of bar code and magnetic card readers. We offer a large selection of type fonts, including 6 to 36 point sizes, reproduction of special symbols and language characters, and a large selection of colors including custom color matching.

Hooleon Customizable Keyboards are the perfect solution for point-of-sale, manufacturing, medical equipment control or any situation where a standard keyboard does not meet your needs. Customizable Keyboards can be configured to your exact specifications.

We specialize in small to medium size production runs of 1 to 5,000 units and can also design your large order applications to be mass manufactured off shore. We support nearly every keyboard or application. And if we don’t have the tooling available - we’ll create it at little or no cost to the customer.

You can choose between full travel or sealed membrane panels. You can choose any key color or combination of key colors.  And, you can specify any key legend or imprint color. Plus, clear snap-off  relegendable keys are available to  provide you with the exact layout  you need, while allowing day-to-day changes to be made with ease. Our Keytops are manufactured from a high quality plastic that has a hardness factor which meets or exceeds that of the original key.

Cut training time  and increase productivity by providing your users and customers with a  keyboard that has only the keys you need, color-coded to function group and printed with the actual software command. We can provide the design,  production and assembly of prototype  models with a very short lead time.

Getting an Estimate

We can give you a quick ballpark figure with minimal information. For an exact written quotation, please request a Rough Art Kit for Custom Key Imprinting cost estimates.

When requesting your rough art kit, please specify the exact brand and model of keyboard you wish to customize. There are many variables in tooling specifications and key colors within any brand name of keyboard and even individual keyboard model numbers. Because of these and other factors. This is the only way we can guarantee that our custom imprinted replacement keys will work properly.

In order to provide an accurate quotation, we will also need to know the information listed in the Art Layout Kit you will be sent. The kit will contain a brief questionnaire plus a sheet bearing the outlines of a number of key tops and key fronts >See sample of kit information. Please fill out the questionnaire completely and return it along with your rough art work. Remember: The more understandable and accurate your initial art is, the faster we can complete the job artwork and begin production.

Some question you need to ask yourself are, what imprint legends do you want? What front imprints if any do you want? What color is the imprint legend to be? If non-standard custom colors are needed, not a basic blue, green, yellow basic colors, refer to a Pantone® color chart. Example of a standard 104-key keyboard layout are shown at the link above (See sample Kit information). This layout will also work for Apple and most laptops. 

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