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Learn How Custom Built Computer Keys Are Used

Posted by Hooleon Corporation on November 01, 2010 (0 Comments)

Last post, we showed you How Custom Keyboard Keys Are Made, so we felt it appropriate to share with you in this post How Custom Quality Keys have proven their usefulness in applications ranging from industrial, airline, military, government, law enforcement environments, law offices, broadcasting, health, banking and financial  institutions. We offer the best quality solution available for customizing multiple keyboards to your specific software configurations!

Our custom key imprinting service will pay for itself immediately through reduced training costs, increased productivity and increased user acceptance of new systems and software. Confusing templates and bulky software manuals can be put aside while shortening learning curves on even the most complex programs.

We can provide you with custom replacement keys for your keyboards, or if you prefer, we can provide you with Hooleon keyboards with keys made to your exact print and color specifications. We provide the keys, or you supply and we imprint them. Sublimation, Epoxy printing, and double-shot molding (Legends molded into the keys) is available for a complete range of customizing options. As well, complete engineering and 3-D Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) services are available for special molding and tooling. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that our professional art department and high precision artwork services insure the highest quality printing available.

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