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Posted by Hooleon Corporation on November 12, 2010 (1 Comment)

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If you’ve sometimes wondered, Do I need a Dedicated Dvorak board?, there are two basic solutions. You can either buy a “dedicated” keyboard that has the Dvorak layout "hard wired’ into it (expensive and not really needed with today’s operating systems), or use the keyboard layouts built into Windows and a “standard” keyboard (that’s the type Hooleon sells on all it’s Dvorak Keyboards). It’s very easy to change the windows keyboard layout and at the touch of a icon on the bottom tray you can switch back and forth, this solution works for most people.

You may require a hardwired Dvorak keyboard if you use it on various systems, not all of which support keyboard remapping.

If that’s your need check out Hooleon’s Dvorak Dedicated Programmable Keyboard.

Posted by HC Support on November 12, 2010

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